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Hypnosis Works!  

You CAN Lose Weight, Stop Smoking, and Manage Stress using Hypnosis! 

Quantum Healing for the Mind, Body and Spirit.

Shawn O'Regan
What is Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT)?​

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique is a technique of hypnosis created by Dolores Cannon which she has developed and refined over her 45 year career as a regressive hypnotherapist, working with thousands of clients in countries all over the world. I have taken training with Dolores in Arkansas and I am certified to practice her method for my own clients, as well as standard clinical hypnosis.

Some people might better understand the term "Past Life Regression", and that is exactly how QHHT started, with exploration of Past Lives.  Today, with the expansion of human consciousness, more than just Past Lives are available to experience.  QHHT focuses on the concept that the client will go to "the most appropriate time and place" to address any requests for healing or information.  


Please call for a free phone consultation to discuss in more detail what Quantum Healing is about and if it is for you.


Lake Huron Medical Center - North Campus

4190 - 24th Avenue - Suite 106

Fort Gratiot, MI  48059


Phone: (586) 438-1396 or

Email:  Click on My Office/Email tab above


Examples of a few Services I work with:
  • Quantum Healing Hypnosis

  • Weight Loss, Stop Smoking

  • Stress, Pain, Sleep issues

  • Trauma, Emotional issues

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